Crypto World (EN)

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The most complete template for you to monitor your investments and studies of the crypto market.

​With this template, you will have access to all these investment-oriented resources:

  • Create and track your own personal portfolio;
  • Monitor and record all purchase and sale operations in all cryptocurrencies in your wallet;
  • Track and record your DeFi and NFT positions;
  • Asset quotes in real time automatically;
  • Custom widgets with real-time data;
  • Cell phone notifications about upcoming DCA contributions;
  • Separate assets from each wallet/custody alternative you use.

With this template, you will have access to all these content-oriented features:

  • Main newsletters, news sites, podcasts, youtube channels, twitter profiles, discord communities, analytical portals and airdrop tips to follow.
  • Save any internet content to view later in a very practical way, with a browser extension, and classify them into categories, sectors and order of priority;
  • Access to various analytical metrics such as the protocols that generate the most fees, upcoming token unlocks, performance of your liquidity pools, proof of brokerage reserves, on-chain portfolio tracker and even a countdown to the Bitcoin halving.

Other features:

  • Dark Mode;
  • Mobile Mode;
  • Tutorial in writing and in videos;
  • 100% automatic and integrated;

Check out the template overview video:

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Crypto World

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Crypto World (EN)

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